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Jan Łyczakowski, PhD

room: B105 (3.0.33)

phone: + 48 12 664 63 47


Research interests

  1. Biochemistry and molecular architecture of wood

  2. Biosynthesis of primary and secondary cell wall polysaccharides in trees

  3. Impact of environmental signals on the process of wood biosynthesis

  4. Use of cell wall polysaccharides for the manufacturing of biodegradable plastics

  5. Use of lignocellulosic biomass in industrial processes

Awards and research grants

2023 - 2027 OPUS 24 NCN Structure and biosynthesis of primary cell wall hemicelluloses in trees and their significance in plant cell mechanics.Project being performed in collaboration with the University of Silesia.

2022-2025 SONATA 17 NCN The importance of polysaccharides for the dieback of European ash  (Fraxinus excelsior L.) 

2019 – 2022 NCN SONATINA3 Environment driven variation in the molecular architecture of softwood

2018 Cambridge Society for the Application of Research PhD student award for applied research

2014 – 2018 PhD at the University of Cambridge founded by BBSRC DTP

2014 Charles River Laboratories Prize for top biotechnology student at the University of Edinburgh

2012 Nuffield Foundation and BBSRC funded scholarship to work at the John Innes Centre in Norwich


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  2. Krzeszowiec W, Lewandowska A, Lyczakowski JJ, Bebko K, Scholz SS, Gabryś H. Two types of GLR channels cooperate differently in light and dark growth of Arabidopsis seedlings. BMC Plant Biology (2023), 23, 358.
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  4. Liszka A, Wightman R, Latowski D, Bourdon M, Krogh KBRM, Pietrzykowski M, Lyczakowski JJ. Structural differences of cell walls in earlywood and latewood of Pinus sylvestris and their contribution to biomass recalcitrance. Frontiers in Plant Science (2023) 14, 1283093.
  5. Pu Duan, Samuel J. Kaser, Jan J. Lyczakowski, Pyae Phyo, Theodora Tryfona, Paul Dupree*, and Mei Hong. Xylan Structure and Dynamics in Native Brachypodium Grass Cell Walls Investigated by Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy. ACS Omega 2021, 6, 23, 15460–15471; 
  6. Jan J. Lyczakowski, Li Yu, Oliver M. Terrett, Christina Fleischmann, Henry Temple, Glenn Thorlby, Mathias Sorieul, Paul Dupree. Two conifer GUX clades are responsible for distinct glucuronic acid patterns on xylan. New Phytologist (2021)
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